Live with Lux-How the “Luxury Meets Comfort” USP Just Works?

The world revolves around two pillars. One called ‘need.’ These are your essentials, your “starter packs” for the Gen z’s out there; they include the usual, food, water… you get the picture. The other is something classier, exotic, a little… luxurious.

Wants and needs in the fashion world can be translated to, Luxury and Comfort. While some may prefer spending money on something affordable yet comfortable, others might want to pay for that extra jazz. 

But wait, what happens when these two pillars collide into a shockwave of seismic proportions? One that can indeed be the ideal USP?

Cha-ching! Let’s talk money; let’s talk Cash Royalty Family.

What is a USP?

Not to bore you with the business talk, but we’re here to take care of it anyway. To break it down quickly, USP=Unique Selling Point. The product, service, or the kind of assistance a company has to offer that is different from what is already available in the market. A feature that turns heads gives consumers an incentive to swipe their credit cards.

Or better yet, a USP sets your brand apart from the rest. Now that that’s out of the way, how does the “Luxury Meets Comfort” USP just… simply… works.

Ease up the Lux

Call it hype beast, enthusiast, or your average rich kid; the luxury collection sets the benchmark for global fashion trends. The culture behind these collections is noteworthy. It takes a company from being a brand in the market to a movement.

Cash Royalty believes in family.

The minds behind our threads have realized an equally seismic flaw in the luxury clothing realm… besides “cash,” “comfort” is the essential word in our dictionary. Fashion should help relieve stress and make you feel like a million bucks; not like you’ll go bankrupt after a juice spill on your $300 shirt.

The culture has been vocal about the longevity of its highly-priced products. The look may say lux, but durability is questionable.  

Having sewed up a creation for the culture by the culture, our teams have cashed in on a USP that… works.

Introducing a lineup where luxury eases up a little, Cash Royalty Family provided Luxury with Comfort.

Gone are the days of uptight clothing; our threads are weaved to withstand wear and tear. Durable fabric ensures your drip doesn’t spill where it isn’t needed. Comfort, you ask, the comfort we shall provide; you deserve nothing but royalty anyway.

Welcome to the family

We’re here to push the limits of what a fashion brand is capable of, and luxury shall get a nudge too. Pushing the price of luxurious gym wear and streetwear down to one that is comfortable for every wallet, Cash Royalty Family treats our kings and queens with grandeur.

We have kept our prices competitive amidst COVID-19, so our family doesn’t compromise on style.

Who says you can’t be boujee during a pandemic?

Dawn, our products float on the interwebs, in a simple site for you to get your hands on both comfort and luxury because you deserve the best… your majesty.

Once you’re done checking out…

Welcome to the family. Cha-ching.

Cash Royalty Family is now going International, with its operations in Italy, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, and India.