Label This – How Cash Royalty Family Expanded To Apparel

Every story has a beginning.

Once upon a time, Queens, NY (befittingly) birthed a brand that transcended the then and now norms of business and fashion.

The story of the Cash Royalty Family is a testimony for generations to come. Fun fact, this luxury brand started as a record label spearheaded by founding father Kedar Nemley, with his son as the firm’s first artist.

But how did the company become one of the hottest apparel brands today?

Royal Beginnings

Kedar and Malik slowly came to realize the market potential of people at concerts. They debuted their apparel at their shows and immediately gathered a positive response. Success was set in stone. Soon, swarms of people began honing the Cash Royalty identity. The consumer base was not only expansive but loyal as well. The CRF label was more than enough for a conversation starter, drawing people closer and building a community.

Soon, Kedar took a break from the music business and allocated his resources to strengthening the brand even more.


Fast forward to this very day, the Cash Royalty brand has established itself among the top players and is looking to sell to over 100 countries with international trademarks. They continue to innovate and polish their luxury-meets-comfort unique selling point.

But what made the transition so perfect?

The Right Place, Right Time

Some things are just written in the stars. Cash Royalty’s success was seen from a mile away, but it was made possible with the right business minds behind it. Kedar and Malik Nemley saw the opportunity and market and capitalized immediately.

A Movement

The biggest reason CRF is such a successful apparel brand is its ability to create a community with the slogan of positivity, unity, and old-school morals that the world has slowly come to forget. CRF wishes to revive these notions with class and zeal in its work. You can tell if an individual is wearing their merch; they believe in treating the people around them equally and contributing to the family values set by the company.

If you’re a member of the CR family, you will never walk alone.

The Potential

CRF’s expansive portfolio was like the proverbial cherry on top for a brand with a strong message. The company offers apparel with a little bit of something for everybody. More products are under development that will push the boundaries of what every apparel brand can achieve. Kedar looks to expand the company further with the same enthusiasm and message.

CRF is more than incredible apparel. It is a movement that is set to take over the world. Join the family now and enjoy quality with comfort. The CRF flag is being hoisted firmly wherever Kedar and his team go. The best is yet to come.