Look Like a Million Bucks - How is the Fashion Industry a Lucrative Business?

Everyone has a sense of aesthetic, from boujee suits to rocking skateboarding streetwear; your body is draped in threads of colors woven to fit that describe you best. Fashion is the most vivid and personal form of expression—origins dating back to 1826, from Charles Frederick Worth to the brains behind the up-and-coming fashion brand Cash Royalty Family.

The fashion industry has profited off consumers for as long as we can remember.

Let's discuss how the fashion industry is a lucrative business.

Money talks

According to Fashion United, the fashion industry alone has a labor force worth 3 trillion dollars. That's a heck of a stack. Luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Armani, Chanel, and Supreme rack up billions of dollars per annum like it's lunch money. Money talks and new start-ups are definitely listening and following suit.  

Out of the myriad of possible business ideas, delving into the world of fashion makes you fantasize six figures on a pay stub.


One thing people will be willing to spend their time and money on is grooming their personality. An affinity that has made its way to the virtual world with people spending thousands of dollars developing their character avatars.

Fashion is the loudest component of your overall persona. It's human nature; you want to feel part of the herd, a tribe that welcomes you with open arms. Fits representing the trend, culture, or in rare cases… the family (cha-ching) …you belong to is bound to make a dollar.

With the spike in fashion trends, entrepreneurs are starting to acknowledge the potential of investing in brands for a lucrative return. 

Streetwear, street smart

Establishing a potential fashion behemoth doesn't need much—a good investment, a fashionista's mind, and, more importantly, a street-smart personality.

You need to know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows… you get the picture. The idea? It is to get your costs down to a minimum while maintaining quality. The more cost-effective your materials are, the more an opportunity for higher profit margins.

Luckily, most of your budget would be accumulated into the product's branding—the graphics, the design, and the aesthetic that is in line with your business' image. After all, this is what entices you towards their products.

Cash Royalty Family delivers on a promise of luxury with comfort at reasonable rates. Instead of breaking the bank, break the ceiling for fashion trends.

Industry Royalty

Contrary to its name, Cash Royalty Family believes in more than just money. It believes in a movement that gives back to the community because royalty looks out for their kingdom too.

They believe in giving #fortheculture a new platform to channel nothing but good vibes in the latest styles.

It believes in a family that doesn't settle for anything less than royalty, but inclusion, positivity, and unity will have a little bit of glitz, a little bit of glam, and nothing less than a million bucks. Cha-ching!

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