Cash Royalty Movement – The Essence of A Successful Fashion Apparel

Setting trends isn’t all easy.

But it all seems a breeze if you’re a part of the Cash Royalty Family.

What makes Cash Royalty, then? It is the logo dazzling the front, a bit of finesse, and royalty woven into every piece of the fabric. But besides the glamor, there is one more component that makes the Cash Royalty Family what it is. Something most apparel brands envision yet fail to deliver.  

It’s the feeling you get each time you put on the apparel; the culture of friendship, unity, and inclusion, driven by DNA, united by the notion of family.

The very essence that makes Cash Royalty Family more than a fashion brand.

But what’s the secret behind the movement?

The Mission

Before Cash Royalty Family became what it is today, it was a dream driven by founding fathers Kedar and Malik Nemley. What started as a successful music record label transformed into an apparel brand that brought smiles to millions. The duo was on the cusp of something big. When they noticed the overwhelming attention and trend set by the people, they decided to make a brand for the people.

Such was the birth of the Cash Royalty Family.

With CRF, Kedar and Malik wish to create a platform of expression for people worldwide and thin out the divide between people today.

Unlike brands that want your credit card swipes, Cash Royalty Family wants you to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

You Are Not Alone

Alone you are strong; together, you are unstoppable.

With its diverse portfolio, Cash Royalty Family attracts people of every taste and trend. Its luxury-meets-comfort approach focuses on inclusion. Just when you think it couldn’t get more wholesome, Cash Royalty surprises you with innovation that pushes the boundaries of what an apparel brand can achieve.

Cash Royalty emblazoned their collection with the country flag of the wearer when going international—a gesture signifying how deep-rooted the concept of family is in their DNA.

The company looks to give back to the community through purchases and donations. CRF believes in reaching out to people and inviting them to join the movement.

Treat Each Other Like Royalty

A business can only flourish when it can truly impact an individual’s life on a personal level. When people wish to volunteer and look to be a part of the community through a brand’s influence, that is where the real impact lies.

The mission is represented quite clearly in the name itself when we talk about Cash Royalty.

Royalty and nothing less.

CRF apparel includes exotic Italian leather footwear with premium materials.
Adding flair to your wardrobe and turning heads is the name of the game.

And we’re inviting you to play it.

Cash Royalty Family is one of the hottest names in the game right now, and the family is bigger than ever. By the looks of it, they have no plans of stopping.

Join the family today and embrace royalty.