Less is More? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Expanding Globally

The beauty of fashion lies in its inclusivity. India has the sari, Kenya has the Maasai, and Japan dawns the kimono. It is the loudest form of expression for an individual trying to portray their personality without saying anything. Different colors, faces, places, and going international means reaching untapped markets and exploring the untapped potential for your business.

Cash Royalty is ready to extend its family globally in a welcoming tone to people of every cast and culture.

But is the acquisition all cha-chings? Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of expanding globally.

Market potential

The bright side: You can only do so much with your market. Fashion is a dynamic industry where consumer decisions are determined by tastes and trends that fluctuate with each second. It is essential to diversify your markets to spread the risk and avoid saturation. Taking the global route for your brand helps you reach a larger audience and causes a ripple effect throughout other nations in demand for your brand. The markets are untapped, and the potential to generate revenue is limitless.

The down-sight: With that said, the higher the reward, the higher your risk. Due to a lack of knowledge, your decisions can potentially hurt your sales. Research is vital, preferably having a team that belongs to the nationality of the market you wish to target. Massive amounts of capital can be wasted with little to no ROI if there is the slightest error.


The bright side: Entering an entirely new market can make you lick your lips at the thought of potential profits. In the best-case scenario, your business booms. Everything goes right, and your sales inculcate enough net profit for you to expand your business to newer horizons. Growth is a priority for any business aiming to become successful in its ventures, and expansion is the way to go.

The down-sight: Growth is enticing, but as Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Exponential growth comes with exponential risks involved. There is a possibility you can grow too big, where you lose control of your brand. The bigger the company, the more distant you are from your audience and their needs. The waters are enticing yet dangerous… tread carefully. Your family requires you to be with them as closely as you can. That’s the love.

New ideas

The bright side: Needless to say, embarking on an entirely new territory of fashion calls for fresh ideas, new strategies, and fresh opportunities for your brand to take advantage of. This keeps the business motivated. Designers with new threads to experiment on and consumers with a new addition to their wardrobes offer a unique and wholesome acquisition.

The down sight: The lack of knowledge of your markets can be a crucial factor in making or breaking your business. A good research team costs hefty capital, an investment that can have various other applications and opportunities for your fashion brand.

New horizons

Whether or not your business will succeed in new horizons depends on your intellect and ability to take risks. Swimming with the sharks isn’t easy, yet the Cash Royalty Family continues to maneuver through the testing waters of the fashion industry, delivering us classy and chic apparel.

Their newly added collection, Cash Royalty Family International, offers their logo emblazoned with the wearer’s country of origin. Now, represent your country draped in royalty with Cash Royalty Family.

Our extended family now worldwide.