Royally Familiar-Origins of Cash Royalty Family

A movement? A family. Cash Royalty dawns the representation, class, and style slogan in their apparel—threads that are being woven into the hearts of fans worldwide. Their unprecedented commitment and perseverance to developing a community are making waves in the business world. As more and more hearts turn towards the Family, curiosity arises.

Before becoming a notable clothing brand, what did Cash Royalty look like? Let’s get to know the Family.

Humble beginnings

Befittingly born in Queens, the Cash Royalty family was established by founding father Kedar Nemley, an independent record label, in 2014. The firm envisioned promoting and championing upcoming rookie artists trying to make a name for themselves in the field of music. From within the Family, an artist already established in the field of music and nominated for Best New Rapper at the Underground Music Awards, Malik Nemley became the first name to feature in the label. The artist also appeared in the 2011 XXL Magazine and Hip Hop Weekly. Malik also collaborated with many talented artists such as Fred the Godson, Red Café, Jaquae, and numerous others.

Together, Malik and Kedar decided to diversify their business and step into an industry with immense potential, garnering the Cash Royalty name… apparel.

The two founding fathers of the company began selling the Cash Royalty Family apparel locally at shows and noticed a significant demand for the product and a growing brand loyalty. The Cash Royalty name resonated with the community's needs, and the potential was crystal clear. After taking a break from the music spectrum, Kedar set his sights on building the brand surrounding apparel.

Today, Cash Royalty Family has established itself as a significant big player in the “Luxury Meets Comfort” market. With a diverse portfolio of t-shirts, accessories, and shoes, their priority for comfort speaks through the product’s quality, truly embodying the Cash Royalty name. Some of the development products in their books are exotic Italian leather footwear, including ostrich, python, and crocodile aesthetics.

A movement turned Family

As the brand name continues to grow and extend the Cash Royalty Family, Kedar makes his vision for the business abundantly clear; for fans to create a wholesome environment, stand up for positivity, display unity, practice old-school morals, and to treat each other with respect… like Royalty.

The company continues to give back to the community through donations with the purchase and involvement of its customers. With access to donation apps and online platforms, it has become easier to do good and reach out to more and more people.

Speculations are rife for the Cash Royalty Family app to be on the horizon soon.

Cash Royalty Family embodies a reputation that transcends mere clothing. It is a movement that uplifts, encourages, and brings people together in a world not marked by any division.

Become a part of the Family today with swagger dawning on your shoulders. Click on the link to learn more about their products now!